Quorum’s Lawyers Took Part in All-Russian Judicial Debates in Kazan

All-Russian Judicial Debates – an annual student competition in the form of model case proceedings – came to an end in Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University.

Several dozens of student teams from law universities competing in the art of defending a party’s position based on the case theory previously prepared by the organizers took part in the debates. Students participating in these model case proceedings were supposed to represent both parties – plaintiff or respondent, prosecution or defence attorney.

Head of Quorum (Attorneys-at-Law) Andrey Pavlov participated in the debates as a judge in the civil-law section during several rounds. Since the case theory was made known to all parties and judges in advance, the teams were tasked to bring arguments in support of their position in a skillful manner.  This needs a special attention to details of the complex case theory and skills in preparation for court proceedings and judicial rhetoric.

Quorum lawyers have been traditionally taking part in the judicial debates, and some graduates from Kazan University have already joined the firm.

For more information about All-Russian Judicial Debates, see https://m.vk.com/debatikfu


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