DIA Further Extended Quorum’s Accreditation to 2019

Quorum’s accreditation as a legal counsel has been extended by further two years pursuant to the Order dated 17.08.2017 of the Deposit Insurance Agency.

Deposit Insurance Agency State Corporation sets high standards for legal counsels acting on its behalf in courts. The Agency conducts background checks of the firm and all its lawyers, checks compliance against eligibility and required experience criteria, examines the availability of resources required to conduct multiple litigations in several regions, and considers many other aspects.

Quorum is significantly exceeding eligibility criteria set by the DIA. For instance, 120 lawyers and attorneys-at-law in 7 offices represent Quorum’s clients. They litigate over 9 500 cases related to recovery of accounts receivable (debtors indebtedness), 188 cases related to disputing dubious transactions and enforcing implications (results) of their invalidation (annulment), over 200 cases related to including creditors in registers of claims, and over 13 500 enforcement proceedings.

Quorum has a unique electronic document management and monitoring system. Distribution of work among lawyers ensures a high-quality performance despite such number of cases.

In recent 3 years, Quorum’s lawyers helped its clients to obtain recovery judgements for over RUB 85 bn and actually enforced more than RUB 3 bn, which is one of the best performances across Russia.

Quorum is a registered trademark. Legal services are rendered by Quorum (Attorneys-at-Law in Moscow). Quorum has been representing the DIA since 2012. Up to 2017, legal services had been rendered by Quorum (Attorneys’ Office in Moscow); and up to 2014 – by QUORUM DEBT MANAGMENT GROUP.

Quorum’s professional liability has been covered by AlfaStrakhovanie for RUB 500 mn.

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