Quorum was founded by a group of experts in law and management in 2009. Main objective at that time, post crisis, was to provide highly requested services including purchase of complicated liabilities and debt management, business restructuring, consulting, management of bankruptcy procedures and bad debts recovery.

Quorum served as a Principal Consultant in well-known bankruptcy procedures such as the bankruptcy of Moscow region budget institutions (Mosobltrustinvest or MOITK, IKMO and others) and Izhmash Group (now the Kalashnikov Concern), successfully defending the interests of the Moscow Region Government and the State Corporation “Rostekhnologii”. Quorum represented the interests of the Kazakh bank JSC BTA Bank to prosecute its former owner Mukhtar Ablyazov and to recover bank assets, as well as arranging the retrieving of uranium assets stolen by the former leadership of the National Atomic Company of Kazakhstan.

Quorum is an authorized consultant of the Deposit Insurance Agency and recovers lost assets of insolvent banks.

Since 2014, the investment and management parts of the business evolved into a separate unit and the legal team focused on providing classical legal services both in Russia and abroad.

Quorum is cooperating with several Russian and foreign funds (litigation funds), financing through Conditional fee agreements on complicated and expensive cases, which is our distinguishing feature comparatively to classical law firms.

We successfully defend the interests of our clients in the courts of the British Virgin Islands, Republic of Cyprus, England and Wales.

Quorum’s specialization in criminal practice is to represent the interests of defendants and achieve acquittals to the benefit of the clients. This approach allows us to obtain indemnification in civil cases even for hopeless disputes.

More than 100 professional legal advisors work in our offices in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vologda, Saratov, Vladikavkaz, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Kaliningrad and Limassol. We provide qualified legal services and we are proud of our non-standard client-oriented approach in difficult situations.

Quorum is a registered trademark for the Moscow Bar Association “Quorum”, “Quorum Debt management group” LLC and Quorum debt Management group ltd.