Quorum Lawyers provide full range of legal services for investigation and resolution of criminal cases specializing in representation of the interests of victims in economic crimes cases.

Achieving justice is impossible without adequate compensation of damages. Speaking on behalf of the prosecution side Quorum lawyers represent the interests of victims and press for initiation of criminal proceedings and for fair criminal sentencing to the accused. Such decision allows us to seek compensation or return of the lost property even from a bona fide purchaser.

As defense attorneys, Quorum lawyers develop strategy depending on the circumstances of each case and the requirements of our clients.

In the field of international legal cooperation, Quorum is seeking extradition of internationally wanted persons. We advise both on international search and inclusion in the list of Interpol of the wanted persons, claiming political persecution and for delisting unreasonably persecuted persons.

Quorum represents interests of some foreign law enforcement agencies in the Russian Federation and advises on implementation of international investigation requests.