Judicial dispute resolution is our fundamental specialization. For the last six years of operating we have successfully represented the interests of our clients in more than 3,000 court cases and vindicated more than 100 billion rub. Our lawyers are working simultaneously on more than a thousand cases. Due to Quorum’ successful results it earned a reputation of a strong litigation opponent. We draw attention both to legal proposition and the evidence. Our lawyers use criminally remedial tools in case of deficiency or unreliability of evidence. By effective way of protecting the rights of our clients, we often use the mechanism of contract allegation.

Search and recovery of assets stolen through foreign companies, as well as other cross-border disputes are taking a larger place in jurisprudence. Quorum has considerable experience of legal investigations in England and Wales, the Republic of Cyprus and the British Virgin Islands.

At the same time, use of such instruments of the common law, such as full disclosure of information and evidence by the defendants and the obligation to give evidence in person allows to achieve positive outcome in the cases that are impossible in civil law.