Quorum provides a range of services for sole right registration, legal support in settlements involving items covered by exclusive rights and protection of interests during disputes.

Quorum Patent attorneys cooperate with experts with years of experience working with the Federal Institute of Industrial Property and provide the customers with an opportunity to pre-check future trademarks for non-repeatability.  To avoid cybersquatting we offer domain name registration as a trademark.


In case the desired symbol is registered unfairly by another entity, we can help stop its legal protection according to consideration of objections by the Chamber for Patent Disputes in the Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks and in the Court for Intellectual Property Rights, among others in case of non-exploitation of the trademark for no less than five years.

In copyright issues, Quorum lawyers help clients with exclusive rights in their contract execution and administration.

Our attorneys have experience in resolving disputes between authors or regarding illegal use of copyrighted works. For some cases, copyright tools allow to achieve the removal of unsuitable content from mass media and the Internet.